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LIBERTY Dental Plan cares about more than just teeth! We care about our members' overall health and wellness. We have prepared the following PDF brochures for seniors to better understand oral health - ensuring you maintain a healthy mouth and smile for life.

For those seeking more oral health and wellness tips, LIBERTY is proud to partner with Dear Doctor, the leading provider of dental information for healthcare consumers, to bring you and your family this extensive resource. Dear Doctor is known for producing unbiased, evidence-based information in a consumer-friendly style. Click here to visit LIBERTY’s Oral Health Center page.

Oral Health For Seniors

A healthy mouth in our older years is a crucial quality-of-life concern.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy in your Golden Years

Your dental health becomes more important as you grow older.

Caring For Your Dentures and Partials

Adjusting to new dentures or a partial denture is different for everyone.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth (Xerostomia) is common as we age.